Our promise: Each and every one of your ideas will make it to the trade show

We are much more than just a company for installing booths at trade shows. Building on a reliable network of experienced partners, we assume responsibility for the entire creative and organizational process - from initial idea to finished exhibit. This saves you time, money and nerves.


An attractive showcase
enhances every business

Make it easy for your visitors. With an appealing presentation of your goods, your services, your brand or your philosophy you can build confidence so that prospective clients want to learn more. That’s because everyone feels comfortable in a setting designed to meet their needs.


Curious? Let us
show you what
you can expect.

What our clients really like

When is a trade show exhibit a success? When the idea behind it is brilliant and well executed. A good example for this is the exhibit we made for the Swiss company SIMALFA, a company known for its ALFA adhesives. A stately mountain panorama in the background combined with a mock-up of the company’s clean working environment surfaces created an ideal combination of national with company image as if in dialogue. The highlight? A presentation on an LED surface with a final still image projected onto a digital print with millimeter-fine precision.

Combining the visible with the invisible

The exhibit occupied two spots on either side of an open aisle. With a handicapped-accessible ramp, we created a link across the aisle and offered two theme-related environments: one with a mountain panorama background, the other with the feel of actual workplaces. The latter were placed in clean high-gloss surroundings equipped with all factory technology, such as a complete compressed air system. Meticulous work ensured a perfect look; bonding required precise measurement and perfect coordination of the tasks of the exhibit construction team.

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We are family.
And you are part of it.

First, we are a mature family business. The Braun family constructed trade show exhibits and launched the company more than 30 years ago. Today, Jürgen Braun and his daughter Martina Braun are together responsible for business operations.

Second, we are part of an extended business family. We work at eye level with clients, service providers and suppliers. And we evolve together. Teamwork and trust create an intuitive understanding of each other – and promote long-term success.


Our vision? A trade show should never be boring!


A group of full-time employees and creative spirits ensures the best results – on-site across Germany.


Our vision? A trade show should never be boring!


A group of full-time employees and creative spirits ensures the best results – on-site across Germany.


We have a lot to
tell you… and are glad
to share our expertise


Our customers’ opinions
are important!


"We have been working with Viavend for over 5 years and have profited from their high level of competence and reliability as well as from their wealth of ideas and creativity in dealing with a wide variety of materials and techniques. We now understand each other “intuitively”, which has reduced the preparation time noticeably. And yet we always create successful exhibition stands and new eye-catchers."

— Ralf Schwartz
General Manager Lackwerke Peters GmbH & Co. KG

"Thanks to the ideas the Viavend team develops and the final implementation of our trade fair presence I know that my company has been in absolutely good hands with Viavend right from the start."

— Sergio Sportelli
Owner Sportelli Food International

"We would like to thank Viavend GmbH for this impressive joint stand and our many years of good cooperation. The concept and selection of exhibitors is always a challenge, but Viavend finds a solution for every issue and always offers many options. The stand design was very well received by all co-exhibitors and visitors alike. We can only recommend Viavend as a stand builder and look forward to the next booths."

— Jana Avagyan
Trade Fair Consultant WTSH Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation of SH

"Thanks to the unique stand design that was a product of Viavend’s meticulous preparation and perfect implementation, we can always present our products in an attractive setting. This affects our appearance and has a direct effect on our partners and customers who visit us at our booth."

— Eva Klimesch
Sales Representative Walter Mauser GmbH

"The preparation and realization of the German pavilion at Food Ingredients Europe at the end of 2021 occurred under unfavorable circumstances due to the tense pandemic situation. The conditions deteriorated as the start of the trade fair approached: the time for constructing and dismantling stands was drastically shortened and requirements for 3G and 2G regulations were introduced. But thanks to the very high level of professionalism on the part of the entire Viavend team, it was possible to provide all exhibitors with an eye-catching concept for a joint exhibit of all three partners  - German Sweets e. V., WTSH - Wirtschaftsförderung und Technologietransfer Schleswig-Holstein GmbH (Kiel) and GEFA Exportservice GmbH  - punctually and with the usual high quality. The exhibitors gave top grades for the preliminary planning of the exhibition stand and the realization of the stand construction."

— Holger Hübner
General Manager GEFA Exportservice GmbH

„Mit Viavend verbindet uns eine mittlerweile mehr als 5-jährige Zusammenarbeit, getragen von hoher Kompetenz und Zuverlässigkeit, von Ideenreichtum und Gestaltungsvermögen im Umgang mit unterschiedlichsten Materialien und Techniken. Wir verstehen uns inzwischen „fast blind“, das reduziert die Vorbereitungszeit spürbar; und trotzdem kreieren wir immer wieder lukrative Messestände und neue Hingucker“.

— Ralf Schwartz
Geschäftsführer Lackwerke Peters GmbH & Co. KG

„Von Stunde eins bin ich davon überzeugt, dass mein Unternehmen durch die entwickelten Ideen und den finalen Umsetzungen unserer Messeauftritte durch Viavend absolut in guten Händen ist.“

— Sergio Sportelli
Inhaber Sportelli Food International

„Wir danken Viavend GmbH für diesen großartigen Gemeinschaftsstand und die jahrelange gute Zusammenarbeit! Das Konzept und die Zusammensetzung der Aussteller ist immer eine Herausforderung, aber Viavend findet für alles eine Lösung und bietet immer viele Möglichkeiten. Das Standdesign kam bei allen Mitausstellern und auch bei den Besuchern sehr gut an. Wir können Viavend als Messebauer nur weiterempfehlen und freuen uns auf die nächsten Messestände!“

— Jana Avagyan
Messeberaterin WTSH Wirtschaftsförderung und Technologietransfer Schleswig-Holstein GmbH

"Durch das außergewöhnliche Standdesign, ein Ergebnis detaillierter Vorbereitung und perfekter Umsetzung durch Viavend, können wir unsere Produkte stets in ansprechender Atmosphäre präsentieren. Dies wirkt sich nicht nur auf unseren Auftritt sondern auch direkt auf unsere Partner und Kunden aus, die uns auf unserem Messe-Stand besuchen."

— Eva Klimesch
Verkäufer Walter Mauser GmbH

"Die Umsetzung des Deutschen Pavillons zur Food Ingredients Europe Ende 2021 stand wegen der angespannten pandemischen Lage unter ungünstigen Vorzeichen. Diese Bedingungen verschlechterten sich bis kurz vor Messebeginn: Auf- und Abbauzeiten wurden drastisch verkürzten sowie Auflagen zu 3G- bzw. 2G-Regelungen eingeführt.

Dank der sehr hohen Professionalität des gesamten Viavend-Teams gelang es, allen Ausstellern das aufmerksamkeitsstarke Messekonzept der Deutschen Gemeinschaftsschau der drei Partner German Sweets e. V., der WTSH - Wirtschaftsförderung und Technologietransfer Schleswig-Holstein GmbH (Kiel) und der GEFA Exportservice GmbH in der gewohnt hohen Qualität pünktlich zur Verfügung zu stellen.

Die Vorplanung des Messestandes und die Umsetzung des Standbaus bewerteten die Aussteller mit Bestnoten."

— Holger Hübner
Geschäftsführer GEFA Exportservice GmbH


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The most important question in
a nutshell: Why choose us?

Because we want you and your customers to say "Wow!" We reach your guests through pure passion combined with perfect organization. We make you and your business shine. Give us a task, we succeed. Guaranteed. Every time. Under all circumstances. Our professional and our family reputations are built on our commitment.

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Is Viavend a trade show booth construction company?

Yes and no – we are more than that. We work on the agency principle, only without its elaborate structures. The creative context, planning and architecture originate in our established team. We organize the full process of exhibit construction, relying on a national network of highly professional service providers. This makes us independent of inventories, transport costs and a boilerplate approach. Since we conceive a service package in cooperation with our clients, we can reduce expenses where unnecessary services cause avoidable costs.

What services can Viavend provide?

In short: all of them. Our clients shouldn’t have to worry about the success of their exhibit, because that is one of our core competencies. We manage the entire project, maintain customer contact and offer trade show exhibits and all furnishings from one source – all the way to final approval and turnkey delivery. Each and every detail is part of our offer, and we stand by it with no ifs, ands, or buts.

Who has Viavend worked for?

We don't select our clients according to industry but look for the specific challenge in each project. That's why we have a very diverse customer base: companies, government authorities, associations, joint ventures. All are welcome and each is perceived as a unique partner. This avoids a template approach and promotes creativity.

How does a project work?

With us, there is always a contact person to provide clients with quick and qualified support. In general, our clients approach us with their wishes and information about their request: for example, the reserved space at a trade show, an idea of the desired functionality and effect - and the budget. We use these specifications to create and provide drafts and 3D visualizations. Depending on the components desired by our clients, our experts work out a detailed production schedule. Rental furniture, media equipment and other special components are also included in a calculation. The rest is simple: offer, agreement, preparation, construction, inspection and approval, and you’re all set to go!

How much does a trade show exhibit cost?

That depends. In fact, there are several ways to approach the issue of costing. If a fixed budget is available, we stick to the agreement without making concessions with respect to the result.  Demands after the fact are taboo, budget underruns are allowed. We can also determine services in cooperation with clients, for whom we prepare a lump-sum offer - which is also binding for us.  In this case we focus on providing an excellent price-performance ratio. It is also important to us to treat our contractors fairly. For us, success is when everyone has a smile of satisfaction at the end of a project.

To us, service means: open ears, direct
communication, immediate implementation!

Write us or give us a call - we look forward to hearing from you.

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